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Traffic Violation

Bell County, Texas Traffic Ticket Lawyer

You just received a traffic ticket you want to know how to you keep that ticket off your record? Call My Bell County Lawyer, F. Edward Brown. Right now! 254-634-2587 One of the most common mistakes a driver can make is mailing in a check and simply paying the traffic citation off. That is the same as pleading guilty which could mean points on your record and an increase in your insurance rate. At the law offices of F. Edward Brown, I focus in traffic ticket laws. I have handled over 100 cases and I usually can keep 99% of all cases I handle off your record. My attorney fees are much less than the cost of your ticket.

Traffic Violation

Simply put, our service cost less than your speeding ticket and surcharges and I can help keep the violation off your record and I can lift warrants immediately. So before you send in that check and assume guilt for a traffic violation contact us for a free consultation 254-634-2587 Call right now!

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