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Bruceville-Eddy Traffic Ticket

You just received a traffic ticket you want to know how to you keep that ticket off your record? Call lawyer F. Edward Brown, right now! 254-634-2587. One of the most common mistakes a driver can make is mailing in a check and simply paying the traffic ticket off. That is the same as pleading guilty which could mean points on your record and an increase in your insurance rate. At My Bell County Lawyer, we specialize in traffic ticket laws. We’ve handled over 100 cases yearly and we keep 99% of all cases we handle off your record our attorney fees are much less than the cost of your ticket

Traffic Ticket Warrant Recall

Simply put our service cost less than your traffic ticket and we can help keep the violation off your record and we can get traffic ticket warrant recalled. So before you send in that check and assume guilt for a traffic violation call criminal defense attorney Ed Brown, who appears regularly in Bruceville Eddy Municipal Court,  for a free consultation 254-634-2587. Call right now!

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Bruceville-EddyTraffic Ticket?
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Bruceville-EddyTraffic Ticket?
Bruceville-Eddy Traffic Ticket? Do you have a traffic ticket warrant in Bruceville Eddy Municipal Court pending? .
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My Bell County Lawyer
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  1. Got a citation in Bruce Eddy, Policeman claimed I ran a Stop.
    Asked him to see a camerea said he did not have to show me a camera.

    Went on my way. At the time did not know that not paying a municipal ticket would keep me from getting my Texas drivers license renewed.
    the court has tagged me with 1825.00
    Failure to appear, no insurance (my insurance had expired weeks earlier) and running a stop sign.

    Your advice?

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