Texas Marijuana Laws?

Texas Marijuana Laws

Texas Marijuana Laws In 2011, the FBI’s Uniform Criminal activity Reporting Data showed that practically half of the medication apprehensions under Texas Marijuana Laws are marijuana relevant. In Texas, several of these apprehensions are for pacifist possession of weed in Continue reading Texas Marijuana Laws?

Drug Charge Defense

Drug Charge

How to Defense Drug Charge Getting caught with anything related to medicine use in Texas, even if no medicines were present, brings with it difficult charges and even the potential for time in jail. A possession of drug paraphernalia conviction Continue reading Drug Charge Defense

Controlled Substance Lawyer Needed?

Violation of Probation Lawyer

Controlled Substance Lawyer: DWI Valid Prescription and DUI Do You Need a Controlled Substance Lawyer? Controlled Substance Attorney Controlled substance  lawyer  deals with major drug crimes in Texas. If you have been arrested by authorities while committing drug criminal offenses Continue reading Controlled Substance Lawyer Needed?