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Getting caught with anything related to medicine use in Texas, even if no medicines were present, brings with it difficult charges and even the potential for time in jail. A possession of drug paraphernalia conviction can still provide a major obstruction to specific employment possibility, even though it is classified as a misdemeanor offense under Texas statute and not a felony. After an arrest for a medicine charge, lots of people are in the dark about how they broke the law and the possible repercussions. Without this understanding, resisting the charges can be more tough.

Texas Drug Charges

Comprehending Texas laws regarding possession of drug items can make a complex scenario much simpler and prepare you for working with a medicine defense lawyer. According to 481.125 of the Texas Health and wellness Code, it is unlawful for an individual to purposefully or intentionally have with the intent to utilize drug paraphernalia.

This includes the intent to:

– Plant;

– Propagate;

– Cultivate;

– Grow;

– Manufacture;

– Establishment;

– Conceal; or

– Inject;

– Ingest;

– Inhale or otherwise introduce into the human body a controlled element.

A charge for possession of drug paraphernalia is considered a Class C misdemeanor, which, according to section 12.23 of the Texas Penal Code, has a possible fine of $500. Depending on the conditions, this can quickly be boosted to include prison time.

A few of the more usual types of drug stuff in Texas include:





growing equipment,

syringes and hiding containers.

Controlled Substances Law

Knowing how to handle yourself and exactly what to say (or rather what NOT to state) is extremely important when it concerns battling the charges. When approached by a policeman, anything you say can and will certainly be utilized by the prosecution. This means that offering only the essential info (such as identification) should be your interviewed. Miranda rights, which require law enforcement to state you have the right to stay silent, are a crucial aspect of due process and you need to exercise this constitutional right at every chance.

Drug Possession Attorney

Drug Attorney
Drug Attorney

The only individual talking about the details of the situation should be your legal counsel. You will be designated a public defender if you do not have an attorney. Exercising your right to remain quiet and enabling your attorney to be your voice, assists versus self-incrimination. It is not uncommon for people to get confused and supply conflicting or inaccurate details, even when attempting to object their innocence. To prevent providing the prosecution ammunition to utilize against you in court, it is typically advised that you stay considerate and silent during questioning, unless your lawyer is present.

Controlled Substances Attorney Advised Not to P***** Off Judge [Video About 4 minutes]

Drug Devices Attorney

In constructing your defense method, your marijuana possession attorney will certainly analyze all details surrounding your arrest and pertinent background information. If you were in actual unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia, he or she might ask. This concern is very important due to the fact that there is a huge difference in between medicine paraphernalia possession that is actual (finding medicine paraphernalia on your person) and constructive (having understanding of paraphernalia and ability to manage it). This can be a problem if numerous individuals are discovered at the scene or if the paraphernalia was close by.

In this case, law enforcement have to show 3 elements.

– The individual had dominion and control over the contraband;

– The specific understood contraband existed; and

– The individual understood of the illicit nature of contraband.

Criminal Lawyer

A drug possession attorney will certainly likewise evaluate the proof of the search and seizure. Your lawyer may be able to have that proof reduced at trial through submitting a movement if you were unlawfully stopped or proof was obtained in infraction of your constitutional rights. This will deteriorate the prosecution’s case and can possibly lead to a dismissal of the case. Depending on the scenarios surrounding the medicine stuff charges, there might likewise be the option to work out for treatment-based diversion programs, such as Texas Medicine Courts. This will certainly permit you to satisfy requirements such as rehab or drug awareness courses, with the utmost result of the state dropping the charges.

Drug Attorney

No matter what the case, it is very important that you discuss your legal situation with a skilled and professional drug defense lawyer before talking with authorities or taking other actions on your own. After an arrest for a drug charge, numerous people are in the dark about how they broke the law and the potential repercussions. Understanding Texas laws relating to drug paraphernalia can make a complicated scenario much easier and prepare you for working with a medicine defense attorney. Some of the more usual types of drug paraphernalia in Texas include pipelines, bongs, baggies, scales, growing equipment, syringes and concealing containers. This concern is essential since there is a large difference in between medicine paraphernalia possession that is actual (finding drug paraphernalia on your individual) and constructive (having knowledge of stuff and ability to regulate it). This can be an issue if multiple people are found at the scene or if the drug paraphernalia was close by.

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