Facing Probation Violations?

Probation Violations?

Probation Violation Hearing
Probation Violation Hearing

You have certain rights when facing a motion to revoke deferred probation or adjudicate probation in Texas. In addition, you have similar rights if you are facing revocation of regular probation.

Probation Violation Hearing and Your Rights :

Your legal rights when facing probation violation consist of Several Probation Rules:

    1. a speedy hearing within 20-days;
    2. the right to confront your accusers;
    3. the right to challenge the evidence, and
    4. the right to be represented by lawyer. Consequences

Probation Violation Consequences

 Probation Violations and Punishment:

Should the judge find that you have violated a condition or conditions of probation, the judge has several courses of action at the probation revocation hearing.

At probation violation hearing the judge may either:

  1. continue on probation under the same terms and conditions;
  2. modify or change the terms and conditions of probation;
  3. revoke unadjudicated and sentence you to regular probation; or
  4. revoke probation and sentence you to confinement up to the maximum sentence.
Violation of Probation Lawyer
Violation of Probation Lawyer

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Facing Probation Violations?
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Facing Probation Violations?
Probation violation various from continuing on probation to revocation and prison. One option is continued on probation with same terms and conditions, modify terms and conditions of probation or revoke and sentence to confinement.
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