Juvenile Lawyer: School-to-Prison?

Killeen Juvenile Lawyer: School-to-Prison?

Texas appears to be ready to slow down the school-to-prison pipeline where kids are removed from school into the juvenile justice system. In recent years more and more states have moved to criminalize student misbehavior due to zero-tolerance policies and inadequate resources in public schools.

“Overcrowded classrooms, a lack of qualified teachers, and insufficient funding for extras such as counselors, special education services, and even textbooks, lock students into second-rate educational environments. This failure to meet educational needs increases disengagement and dropouts, increasing the risk of later court-involvement. Even worse, schools may actually encourage dropouts in response to pressures from test-based accountability regimes such as the No Child Left Behind Act, which create incentives to push out low-performing students to boost overall test scores.” Read complete article at ACLU.

Is Your Child Facing School-to-Prison?

“In Texas, lawmakers are at the center of a national movement to reform the discipline system known as the school-to-prison pipeline. The cause has drawn bipartisan support with tales of citations issued for truancy, gum-chewing and possession of scissors. The proposed reforms focus on removing criminal sanctions for youthful behavior.

Among the 1,411 inmates in the custody of the Texas Juvenile Justice Department, rates of diagnosed mental illness now exceed rates of gang membership, according to records obtained by The Associated Press through the state’s open records law. Nearly 1,100 cases involve substance abuse or dependence….More at Teen justice system under review – Reporter News.com

Killeen Juvenile Lawyer

Killeen Juvenile Attorney: Proposed School-to-Prison Reform is Good Idea

Sending students to juvenile detention for talking back to teachers, chewing gum in class and other minor infractions is dumb.  And with the majority of these students suffering from learning and behavioral disabilities, the state action is even more disturbing than that of criminalizing children.

Wikipedia definition

“The school-to-prison pipeline is the widespread pattern in the United States of pushing students, especially those who are already at a disadvantage, out of school and into the criminal justice system. This pipeline is the result of public institutions neglecting to properly address students as individuals who might need extra educational or social assistance, or being unable to do so because of staffing shortages or statutory mandates.[1] The resulting mis-education and mass incarceration create a vicious circle for individuals and communities.[2]

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