Don’t Miss Killeen Attorney Report: How Police Determine Intoxication?

Killeen attorney discusses 3 methods to determine intoxication.

Method # 1:



A police officer who notices that you are driving erratically— swerving, speeding, failing to stop, or even driving too slowly—- can pull you over to determine intoxication while driving under influence.

Method # 2 Sobriety Tests:

DWI Sobriety tests.

An officer who suspects that you are under the influence will probably ask you to get out of the vehicle and perform a series of balance and speech tests, such as standing on one leg, walking a straight line heel-to-toe or following the pen or pencil with your eyes without moving your head.

Method # 3:

Blood-Alcohol Level.

The amount of alcohol in your body is determined by measuring the amount of alcohol in your blood. This measurement can be taken directly, by drawing a sample of your blood, or it can be calculated by applying a mathematical formula to the amount of alcohol in your breath or urine. All states have adopted the National Drunk Driving Standard, which defines drunk driving as having a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08%.

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