Killeen Criminal Attorney: Should Texas Raise Age of Adult Responsibility?

Texas Juvenile Law:

Texas one of only four states nationally that still prosecutes 17-year olds as adults, despite the fact that an overwhelming majority of GOP primary voters (86%) support changing the policy. This is becoming embarrassing.

Texas Junvenile Punishment Lagging:

Indeed, Grits has argued that raising the age from 17 to 18 merely moves Texas from a 19th to a 20th century policy. But in the 21st century, modern brain science has shown youthful brains continue to develop well after that. Society already treats older youth as children for many purposes – buying tobacco (18), alcohol (21), renting a car (25), staying on their parents’ health insurance (26) – and there’s no reason to think criminal prosecution necessarily should fall on the lowest end of that range.

Juvenile Decarceration:

href=””>great strides on the juvenile decarceration front, even if it has further to go. It’s a shame that, nationally, this issue continues to paint the state as backward and excessively punitive. It’s such a pointless stance, and on the ground is creating more problems and costs than it prevents.

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