Texas Dog Scent Search?

What Are Dog Scent Searches?

More and more great and wonderful tools are being given to law enforcement. Yet, more and more innocence people are still falling through the gap. Just recently, Michael Morton was exonerated.

Dog Scent Lineups

Absurdly, prosecutors told jurors at trial that the dog scent lineups were “as good as DNA.” Winfrey’s attorney, Shirley Baccus-Lobel, told the CCA that “The problem with bad science masquerading as science is it results in attaching a significance to unremarkable events.” San Jacinto County prosecutors told the court that although the case was circumstantial and “parts of it are weak,” they should uphold the conviction anyway. (I know, you’re shocked.)…More at ‘As good as DNA’? Court of Criminal Appeals considers dog scent lineups

I am interested in hearing your views and reasonings in favor or in opposition to dog scent lineup evidence. Please leave your comments below.

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