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Speeding Ticket – How to Avoid Points by Knowing Your Rights!

Some people who are issued a Texas points speeding ticket decide right there and then to

Bell County Speeding Ticket Attorney
Bell County Speeding Ticket Attorney

just pay the fine and accept the ticket. Don’t make this mistake. Doing so will only mean creating a spot in your clean record and causing the premiums on your auto insurance to rise. You can avoid getting points by knowing your rights, and this article will tell you just what it is you need to know.

What exactly is a Texas points speeding ticket? Basically, it is a traffic ticket for speeding or some other moving violation in Texas that add points to your driver’s license, resulting in high fines or surcharges and increases in your auto insurance. It is a summons or citation issued to you when a police officer tells you to pull over if once you violate a motor vehicle law in the cowboy state of Texas. In essence, it obliges you to appear in court and plead your case. While it seems like a hassle to fight a traffic ticket, it can and should be done so you can protect yourself from dirty cops who pull traffic scams just to accomplish their required quota. You can even find several websites that offer tips on how to fight a traffic ticket, as well as legal advice so you can properly and effectively defend yourself in court.

It is most advisable to have a lawyer to help you deal with a traffic violation. A Texas points speeding ticket can have serious consequences. In fact, some traffic tickets for certain traffic violations are actually already criminal charges. There are many instances when motorists lose their licenses or have these suspended because of their failure to answer to the traffic ticket court date and time. You can avoid these repercussions by hiring a lawyer who is an expert in Texas motor vehicle laws.

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The moment you receive a Texas points speeding ticket, you immediately possess the constitutional right to defend yourself in court, as well as confront or cross-examine the witness against you, which is primarily the police officer who wrote you the ticket. It is also your right to remain silent, so you won’t have to say anything in court that can be detrimental to your case. It is wise to hire a lawyer to defend you, which is another one of your rights, to avoid conviction. It may seem like wasting your money on a trivial matter but the truth is, if you get convicted, which is likely if you decide to defend yourself without a clue as to the defenses you can put up, you’d have to pay fines and face suspension or cancellation of your license.

Defending yourself against a Texas points speeding ticket is a right you must invoke. When a police officer tells you to pull over for some traffic violation, quietly accept the ticket but don’t agree to pay the fines. Instead, prepare to fight in court.


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