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Man arrested for probation violation apprehended after apparently bringing meth to probation office…

A 28-year-old Freeport guy is implicated of having methamphetamine after he was jailed at the probation office for supposedly violation of probation the previous month.

Examples of Probation Violation

Okaloosa County Constable’s deputies met Jonathan Wayne Brown on Dec. 5 at the probation office in Shalimar, according to the arrest affidavit. Deputies were serving a warrant for violation of probation after Brown was presumably captured with a gun as a convicted felon in November 2014.

Violation of Probation Lawyer
Violation of Probation Lawyer

A needle and metal spoon were discovered in Brown’s pocket after his arrest, the affidavit stated. Brown apparently confessed to having 1 gram of meth in his car and offered a deputy spoken consent to search the automobile, according to his violation of probation attorney.

He likewise confessed that the needle and spoon were utilized for injecting meth, according to the police report.

He is accused of possession of a regulated compound without a prescription and possession of medicine devices.

Probation Violations Lawyer Can Help:

His violation of probation lawyer said, his next violation of probation hearing date is Jan. 27.

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