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When two individuals get into a relationship and make the decision to build a life together, the hope is that the relationship will be based on shared love, trust, and friendship. The unfortunate reality is that, all too typically, assault and battery is presence in numerous of our houses here in Texas. And, whether the decision to stay together is because of afraid of more household physical violence at the hands of their partner, a belief that they would be unable to make it on their own, or cultural traditions, physical attacks inside homes often continue for many years without being reported. The cycle of violence is then taught to the next generation, with youngsters maturing in these homes being much more likely to become abusers or the victims of abuse themselves. Citizens of Texas have to understand that assault and battery is a criminal activity that is taken seriously and has severe repercussions in our state and you need not stay in fear any longer.

Domestic Violence [Picture]

Possibly you find yourself in a domestic abuse scenario that you know is violent and unhealthy, however you are not sure if you are the victim of an actual crime. According to Texas law, family violence laws are specified as “an act by a member of a household versus

Domestic Violence

another member that is intended to result in physical damage, physical injury, assault, or sexual assault, or that is a threat that places a member in fear of such damage.” It is crucial to keep in mind that the risk of physical violence is enough to charge someone with domestic assault. You do not have to wait till there is physical evidence of abuse on your body to seek aid from police and the courts. Get in touch with the police promptly and then hire an experienced assault lawyer or assault and battery attorney if your partner merely threatens to strike you and you understand those threats are significant.

Even if several attacks have been made and physical or sexual abuse has actually happened, many females and males do not report domestic abuse out of worry that the criminal activity will not be taken seriously and the perpetrator will wind up right back in their home. In the state of Texas, domestic abuse is dealt with more seriously than any other misdemeanor offense. Domestic assault is one of the couple of misdemeanors in Texas for which a law enforcement officer can apprehend the accused without witnessing the event. Evidence of injury or just statements from witnesses can be enough to eliminate a hazardous individual from the home. A judge likewise can issue a protective order promptly upon arrest to see to ensure the threatened household members continue to be safe. This order of protection stands for up to 2 years and will prevent an abuser from going anywhere near a victim’s home, place of employment, or school.

Assault Penalties

As soon as a person who has actually been arrested for domestic or family violence gets his or her day in court, the penalties that await him or her are serve. Under Texas state law, a very first conviction of family violence results in up to one year in jail, a $4000 fine, counseling, and subsequent probation. There are plenty of experienced assault defense lawyers available to protect your rights, if you reach out and call.

Battery Charges Defense

If you live in Bell County, Coryell County or Williamson County, Texas, particularly in Temple, Belton, Nolanville, Killeen, Harker Heights, Copperas Cove or Georgetown, and find yourself facing domestic violence charges or assault and battery charges, please understand that swift and significant legal option is available to you. Rather ending up being a statistic that legislators utilize as evidence for the problem of domestic or family physical violence in our state, make the brave decision to contact F. Edward Brown, assault lawyer, by calling 254-634-3587, today.

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