WARNINGS: DUI Charge Pending? [Video]

DUI Charge Pending? Three quick tips that will help you defend against a driving under the influence charge.  Below are three things you should never do while your dui case is pending: Don’t get another dui; Don’t driving on a Continue reading

Charge With Probation Violations in Texas?

Are You Facing Probation Violations? You have certain rights when facing a motion to revoke deferred probation or adjudicate probation in Texas. In addition, you have similar rights if you are facing revocation of regular probation. Probation Violations and Your Continue reading

Got a Speeding Ticket in Bell County, Texas?

Killeen Traffic Ticket Defense Attorney Bell County  You can’t win your case if you cop a guilty plea. We can help. Call 254-634-2587. Free office consultation. Killeen Traffic Ticket Defense Attorney Bell County: What to Do When You Get a Continue reading