WARNINGS: DUI Charge Pending? [Video]

DUI Charge Pending? Three quick tips that will help you defend against a driving under the influence charge.  Below are three things you should never do while your dui case is pending: Don’t get another dui; Don’t driving on a Continue reading

DUI Attorney: Proven Advise for Parents Facing DUI and Child Endangerment

DUI Attorney:Proven Advise for Parents Facing DUI and Child Endangerment A person commits an offense if the person is intoxicated while operating a motor vehicle a public place; and , the vehicle is occupied by a passenger who is younger Continue reading

Killeen DUI Attorney: Don’t Endanger Your Child

Killeen DUI Attorney – Bell County DUI Attorneys: Don’t Endanger Your Child    Texas driving under influence law increases first arrest to a state jail felony if driver arrested with child passenger. Don’t endanger your child life and your freedom by Continue reading

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