Charge With Probation Violations in Texas?

Are You Facing Probation Violations?

You have certain rights when facing a motion to revoke deferred probation or adjudicate probation in Texas. In addition, you have similar rights if you are facing revocation of regular probation.

Probation Violations and Your Rights :

Your legal rights when facing probation violations consist of:

  1. a speedy hearing within 20-days;
  2. the right to confront your accusers; and
  3. the right to challenge the evidence.

Probation Violations and Punishment:

Should the judge find that you have violated a condition or conditions of probation, the judge has several courses of action.

The judge may either:

  1. continue on probation under the same terms and conditions;
  2. modify or change the terms and conditions of probation;
  3. revoke unadjudicated and sentence you to regular probation; or
  4. revoke probation and sentence you to confinement up to the maximum sentence.

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