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What Happen After DUIDWI Arrest?

Some states refer to it as Driving While intoxicated (DWI), others refer to it as Driving Under the Influence (DUI), but generally, they are the same. DWI or DUI is the crime of operating a motor vehicle while under the effects of alcohol or any drug (including prescription drugs). Under the Texas DWI penal code, a person is intoxicated when he does not possess the normal mental or physical faculties as a result of the introduction of alcohol, a controlled substance, a drug, a dangerous drug, a combination of either of these, or any other substance into the body.

DUI Definition

DWI is very common in cities and urbanized areas, where many establishments that sell liquor can be found, and drug distribution is rampant. In a DWI conviction, you are either a victim or an offender. There is no “right side”. In Texas, DUI – DWI means drunk driving. When caught in the act of violating traffic rules, or driving in a manner that potentially endangers the public, officers will stop you and conduct what is known as a straight line test. The officer will make you walk in a straight line and back to determine whether your sense of balance is fit for driving or not.

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Afterwards, a breath analyzer test will be administered to determine your Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC). The states’ BAC limits are: 0.08% for people 21 years old and above, 0.04% for commercial drivers, and any detectable amount for people younger than 21 years old. If deemed necessary by the officer, you will also be required to take a drug test for possible substance abuse. But even if you are not intoxicated, you may still be arrested for alcohol crimes involving your vehicle.

For example, it is illegal to have an open alcohol container in the passenger seats of a vehicle. This is known as an Open Container Violation, a class C misdemeanor that merits a fine of not more than $500. If you are arrested for DWI and an Open Container Violation, you will get a class B misdemeanor and 6 days of jail time.

DWI penalties are based on several factors like age, license type, and other circumstances (such as when DWI results in physical injury or homicide). DWI penalties commonly include: Mandatory DWI education programs, imprisonment, fines and surcharges, license revocation, and depending on your car insurance provider; more expensive insurance. Minors (people below 21), who are convicted of DWI, will suffer a 180 day revocation of license for the DWI in Texas First Offense, and 2 years of revocation for subsequent offenses.

DWI Lawyer

Those charged with driving drunk in Texas are entitled to criminal defense attorneys under legal provisions. These attorneys are known as Driving While Intoxicated or Driving Under the Influence lawyers. A driving while intoxicated lawyer will know how to navigate the legal system, and can give an offender a better chance of minimizing the penalties, especially for first time offenders. Repeat offenders, however, will face serious jail time. But with a Top-Rated Criminal DUI Lawyer , there is a possibility of lessening the prison sentence.

Drunk Driving Overview

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