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Hello and welcome to Brown DUI, DWI and Drunk Driving Law Firm. Our practice areas consist mainly of drunk driving offenses which include driving while intoxicated,(DWI),  driving under the influence (DUI), drunk driving defense and violent crimes consisting of murder, homicide, child sex assault or sexual assault of an adult in Waco, Temple and  Killeen, Texas. Facing a Texas drunk driving offense, child sex assault, sexual assault, homicide or murder investigation or charge alone can be intimidating. People are often scared, and sometime even innocent people say incriminating things that require an explanation later in court. I have more than seventeen (17) years experienced available to  make sure that your rights are protected; I go to great lengths under the law to prevent the filing of charges against you.

 Let me share a little bit about myself before you explore this site in more details.

I love going deep sea fishing off the coasts of Texas and Jamaica. No, I am not Jamaican. I am a native Texas, born and reared in Belton, Bell County, Texas. Many Waco, Temple and Killeen dui, dwi and drunk driving  lawyers - attorneys love to tell "war stories" about their most interesting cases; however, I enjoy hearing other people fish stories while "looking" at the pictures of the ones that got away.

I am obsessed with technology and the internet. My undergraduate degree is in Industrial Electronic Technology. Hence, my office makes abundant use of technology for frequent clients' case updates and to keep costs down. Since, you are reading this online, you are internet savvy, right?

Finally, I am a person dedicated to clients' education and client's information, but, I balance work with having fun. I truly enjoy what I do. I also truly enjoy being around people who are cheerful, outgoing, friendly and witty. As my granny use to say, "all work and no fun is boring." 

Now for a serious note . . . you can't win . . . if you don't go to trial.

  Now, go ahead an explore my website to learn more about how you can win your dui, dwi, drunk driving, child sexual assault, murder, homicide, divorce and domestic violence case or you can bookmark this page and return later.

  I accept Cash, Checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express credit cards.

  Criminal Defense Law | Law Guru DUI, DWI, Divorce, Juvenile, Sexual Assault Lawyer


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