Killeen DWI Attorney: How to Contest DWI Blood Test?

DWI Blood Test.

The dwi blood test in drunk driving cases are subject to many mistakes. You may be able to challenge the test based on:
  1. Puncture site;
  2. Sample mixing,
  3. Chain of custody;
  4. Fermentation;
  5. Whole blood vs. Plasma and serum; and
  6. Crime lab personnel qualification.

        Because of the perceived reliability of dwi blood test, trials challenging the validity of blood tests occur less frequently than other methods of alcohol testing This phenomenon has the curious by-product of often making the attack on blood tests easier than the more common breath test.  The reason for this is that many of the players in a blood case do not have much experience in trying them.

Contesting Blood Test Results from a DWI – Lubbock Criminal D…

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