Should I Hire A Killeen DWI Attorney for My Case?

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 Hire a Killeen DWI Attorney for Your Case

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“The court system is confusing and having someone to guide you through the process is advantageous. While it may cost you financially, having a lawyer represent you will oftentimes not only make sure that your rights are being protected, but will also make sure that you are aware of all your options and the repercussions. In a time when sobriety tests are commonly administered falsely and evidence is suppressed, having experienced legal representation can ensure you get the fairest trial and suffer the fewest legal consequences. There are some strong arguments in favor of hiring a lawyer to represent your DUI case:

-Having a lawyer will provide you with the greatest chance of having your charges dropped or significantly lowered.

-A lawyer can make suggestions that will aid in the negotiating of your sentence.

-A lawyer is experienced with the court system and the process of going to trial for a DUI crime. They can give you accurate legal advice and protect your rights.

Clearly, it is in your own best interest to hire a lawyer when faced with a DUI charge. If you cannot afford to hire one, there are options available such as legal aid representation, lawyers who offer payment plans and free legal consultations. Going to court with all the legal assistance you can get will only benefit your case and ideally result in the negotiation of the best possible sentence.”

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DUI Attorneys Can Help

by Abraham Avotina

DUI attorneys are legal professionals who are trained and educated to defend an individual who has been charged with drunk driving. Not all people who are charged with this get a lawyer to defend them. This is mainly because the individuals do not see the point of getting one when they believe that they really did something wrong or that it is hopeless. This kind of mentality can be detrimental to the case and can mean meekly receiving the punishments that will be given out for the charge. The problem with not hiring a legal professional is that the punishment may be too much or there may be a chance that the entire process of from the stopping of the vehicle to the tests done to check the blood alcohol content level may not be valid.


There is a chance that DUI attorneys can get their client off the hook for drunk driving or get a lesser punishment for it. The client needs to hire one first in order to know if there is a chance of this. The lawyer needs to know what transpired leading up to the arrest of his client in order to analyze and assess the situation if everything was done legally and within the rights of his client. One defense that the lawyer might use is whether or not the law enforcement officer had a valid reason for stopping his client. If the client was not weaving around on the street on his vehicle, the lawyer will need to know why his client was stopped in the first place. Another possible defense is if the field sobriety tests were done according to the law and the guidelines. DUI attorneys know these laws and they can easily tell if the law enforcement officers did something wrong or out of place when the tests were done.

Even the analysis of the blood alcohol content level of the client may have been taken the wrong way which may have led to misleading circumstances. If done improperly, the breathalyzer might not work correctly. The law enforcement officer might also have translated other tests wrong and this can lead to the client failing the tests. It is also possible that the individual who is charged with drunk driving may have a medical condition which can compromise the results of the blood alcohol content test as well as the other field tests that are given by the police. The invalidation of the breathalyzer test can lead to the person bring brought to the precinct for further questioning. Some medical conditions might do this, which is why DUI attorneys can use this to defend their client. Some computer programs used to analyze the breathing samples taken from the people who are suspected to be drunk while driving may also be compromised or used improperly.

It is best to get a lawyer who has the experience and know how in defending clients charged with driving under the influence. DUI attorneys can easily help those who need their expertise.

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You Should hire a Killeen DWI Attorney to Fight Your Case

Great video on the new Texas dwi law effective 9-1-1=2011.

Hire a Killeen DWI Attorney – Get Peace of Mind

 No refusal weekends are becoming more common in several counties during the holidays. However, an experienced Killeen dwi lawyer may get your case dismissed if the blood draw isn’t done correctly. While you have the right to represent yourself in court, you should be aware that the prosecutors and judges are no court to help the accused present their case. Contact Brown Law Firm to learn more about your right.

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About F. Edward Brown

Ed Brown writes regularly about trending topics in several areas involving criminal law, games and whatever else he fines interesting.

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