TX: Domestic Violence – Is It Right to Hit and Strangle Women?

Does Texas Need a Domestic Violence Registry:

Several bills are pending before legislature in Texas to stiffen penalties for serial domestic abusers. One bill would place repeat offenders on a Domestic Violence Registry after the second or third conviction for assault with bodily injury to family member. A second bill would increase the third assault to a second degree felony with punishment range from two to twenty years in prison. Currently, a second or third assault is a third degree felony with punishment ranging from two to ten years prison or probation up to ten years probation.

Domestic Violence

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Texas State Rep. Wants Domestic Violence Registry

“Statistics from the Texas Council on Family Violence show that in 2010 there were nearly 200,000 incidents of family violence in the state and that year 142 Texas women were killed in domestic violence incidents.

San Antonio democrat Trey Martinez-Fischer filed House Bill 21 and it isn’t his first attempt to get domestic violence registry legislation passed. In 2011, Martinez-Fischer tried to make the Domestic Violence Registry law with House Bill 100; it died in committee.

Representative Villalba has also introduced a bill meant to toughen domestic violence punishment. House Bill 2541 would make an individuals third conviction for Assault with Bodily Injury, involving domestic violence, a 2nd degree felony offense. Currently those third convictions are considered a 3rd degree felony. Texas representative is proposing a domestic violence register similar to sex offender register.”

Assault with Bodily Injury on Family Members May Get You on Texas Domestic Violence Registry

Family violence is not just against women. Several reports indicate men battering occur in one to five percent of cases. Now is the time to stop hurting each other. If you can’t stop battering, you may soon be facing the embarrassment of domestic violence registration in Texas.  

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